Self-Mastery Through Yoga and Meditation

August 9 – 14, 2015

Radiant Body: Intuitive Mind

In one month, we process as much information as our ancestors 100 years ago did in their entire lives.   How can we find a way to elevate ourselves each day so that rather than reacting to the immense demands of life, we respond from a place of consciousness, grace and mastery?   To become master of ones destiny one must develop the ability to listen to the quiet voice of the soul.  Yoga and meditation give us the tools to access the place where deep listening happens.  Knowing when to use these tools is an art and science.  The real magic happens through the application of yoga in our daily lives. Not just on the mat but with each moment of life. Using ancient Kundalini kriyas and meditations we will explore the inner dimensions and pathways to Self- Realization (to the Divine). Join us to explore the Mind/Body/Energy connection. Reclaim the disparate parts of yourself, connect to the infinite wisdom of your heart and learn to live from your intuitive mind.

Musicians Jaya Laxshmi & Ananda will share their beautiful mantra music within the classes and offer a special dance and chant session!

For prices and to sign up for this retreat contact Esalen:  888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536) or   831-667-3000

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