Please note Kia is doing two retreats at Esalen in 2015


July 10 – 12 

Navel Intelligence: Developing Core Awareness

Join Kia and Schuyler Grant for this weekend workshop. 

Many foundational yogic texts state that yoga begins at the navel.  It is the center from which we derive our sense of Self and initiate all movement. It is also the source of vitality and health in the body.  Join Kia and Schuyler as they share their mutual love of deep core work.  We will explore the physical, emotional and subtle realms of the navel, which will include practicing Uddiyana Bandha, Kundalini kriya, breath work, and meditation – as well as plenty of asana.  By applying your newfound navel intelligence to Schuyler’s creative Kula Flow classes and Schuyler and Kia’s signature mashup of Kundalini and vinyasa yoga, you will be on our way to bliss. In strengthening and connecting to your true center, this weekend workshop will be an opportunity to reclaim your energy, focus and enthusiasm for life.

August 9-14, 2015

Radiant Body: Living From The Heart

Connect in – Raise your vibration – Create new possibilities in your life.

To truly thrive in life one must develop the ability to listen to the quiet voice of the soul.  Yoga and meditation give us the tools to access the place where deep listening happens. 

In this exciting and comprehensive workshop Kia shares her deep experience and love of yoga providing keys to thriving in these turbulent times.  Using ancient Kundalini kriyas and meditations we will explore the inner dimensions and pathways to healing and joy. Reclaim the disparate parts of yourself, connect to the infinite wisdom of your heart and learn to live from your intuitive mind. This workshops includes vinyasa flow yoga, kundalini kriyas, breathwork and meditation.

Musicians Jaya Laxshmi & Ananda will share their beautiful mantra music within the classes and offer a special dance and chant session!

For prices and to sign up for either retreat contact Esalen:  888-8-ESALEN (888-837-2536) or   831-667-3000

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