Radiant Body Cleanse

Rejuvenate   ~     Energize     ~  Detoxify

with Kia Miller’s

Radiant Body Cleanse
Online Journey!

May 14-23rd, 2015

Through this 14-day cleanse journey, you will learn simple and effective ways to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  • Discover the joy of daily yoga designed specifically to detoxify your body and revitalize your mind.
  • Learn how to easily prepare raw nutritious soups, smoothies and juices that your whole family will enjoy.
  • Receive the support of others on the path, and experience the power that comes from a shared experience and commitment together.


Cleansing Benefits

We all get into habits with our food and wish we could take a step back sometimes and choose differently. This is that opportunity!

When you rest your mind and body with a cleanse of this nature, you will find incredible freedom from bad food habits, and a new lightness in your whole system with newfound energy and vigor.

Benefits of cleansing you may experience include*

Kia Miller with raw juice
  • Tissue, blood and organ detoxification
  • Energy and revitalization
  • Weight loss
  • Overcoming food dependencies as on sugar or caffeine
  • Lifted anxiety and depression – lightness of mood and spirit
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Look and feel younger
  • Radiant skin and eyes

Is Cleansing Right For You?

So much of our food is processed and laden with additives, preservatives and chemicals. These factors including other environmental pollutants overwhelm our digestive system and organs. It even changes how we think.

The result is that we become toxic and nutrient deficient, which leads to a host of dis-ease in the body and mind. This is where cleansing comes in: it gives your body a kick-start in the direction of health. It supports your own healing process to get you back into balance and ease.

The following are symptoms that indicate that a cleanse would be healing for you at this time:

Close up of raw juice
  • Lack of Energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Worry, mental confusion, depression and shortness of temper
  • Digestive Issues: poor diet, overeating, bloated, flatulent, constipated
  • Low immunity: sickness, lack of vitality, frequent flus or viruses
  • Weight issues, muscle or joint pain, bad breath or body odor

Over the last 6 years, people who have experienced the Radiant Body Cleanse Journey with Kia in person have been amazed and delighted at how fantastic they feel afterwards.

"Being prepared and informed is really essential to sticking with such a challenging feat. I felt so empowered upon completion---like I could do ANYTHING! The satisfaction of accomplishment along with the feeling of clarity the last few days made the first few days of detox symptoms well worth it."


What is the Radiant Body Cleanse?

The Radiant Cleanse is a 14-day journey toward enhanced health and clarity. It is designed to support your body’s natural ability to heal itself and to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. It focuses on cleansing and detoxification through diet and yoga.

This program has 3 phases: preparation, rejuvenation and integration.

It also includes a built in support system with calls with Kia and fellow cleansers to encourage you along the path!

PREPARATION: During this 4-day phase you are guided as to what foods to let go of and what to eat in order to prepare yourself for the deeper journey.

REJUVENATION: During this 6-day phase you will be consuming detoxifying juices, soups and smoothies and practicing specific yoga sets that will enhance the body’s ability to detoxify as the super charged soups and juices nourish every cell.

INTEGRATION: During this 4-day phase you will be gradually re-introducing solid foods back into your diet, and supported to make choices that will help you to stay healthy and vital.

This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your relationship with food, lose weight and create new supportive habits around what and when you eat.

In the support of our online community, daily videos and calls, you will experience a safe and nurturing environment to try a cleanse, even if you have never done one before!

With the Radiant Body Cleanse Online you will get

Kia Miller juicing greens for the RBY cleanse
  • 14-Days of support in emails, daily calls, videos, and teaching from Kia Miller!
  • Delicious Cleanse Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Kundalini Yoga Lessons
  • A Radiant Body Cleanse Guidebook
  • Daily How-To and Support Videos
  • Daily Group Tele-Classes LIVE with Kia
  • Unlimited email access to Kia
  • A private Facebook Group

A $597 value for only $297

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