International Yoga Festival 2015

An extraordinary journey to the East!

Magic unfolds almost effortlessly when you step onto the soil of the birthplace of yoga. If one is open to it, you can feel yourself swept up in the spirit of mantra, drifting on intoxicating melodies, engrossed in the swelling of emotion, allured by sweet smelling incense, drawing one further toward a state of surrender, releasing all hold on reality and diving into an ocean of devotion. To explore oneself in the landscape of India is to deepen ones inner commitment to connect to the innermost chamber of Self, to release all shackles of past and future, and fully surrender to the vastness of Now.

floating white lotus courtesy of

Are You Ready?

Yogis, prophets, psychics, you name it, they all talk about this time of change that we are currently experiencing. Do you feel the shift? Let us not leave it up to our neighbors. Let us commit daily to live in LOVE and be the change that it needed in order to bring a state of harmony and peace for all.  May we all wake up to the love that is inside us.